2.8.27–2.8.28 03.09.2019

Always aim for the head.

We're almost there! Few more pages, and Book 2 is done. Oh I can't wait. Next update will be one page, hopefully next Tuesday. I'm still a bit sick, and it's just exhausting.

Meanwhile I have August Art Dump up on my patreon, with all the stuff I've drawn in August and some behind-the-scenes photos. Huge thank you for all my patrons!

Also I'm trying to revive my instagram with some of my art I never posted there, and I also post some work-in-progress shots in stories (I learned how to make stories, what year is it?). So, go check it out if you're interested in that sort of thing: @ann_arde.

Oh, and I now have a comments section here! So feel free to discuss the comic, it's events, it's characters, your theories and such, I just loooove to read them all.

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