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Published on 12.11.2019

Title page for Book 3 was published last week, and now I can show all three pairs of covers and title pages for all three books of Noosphere. And I also have some news about my old (?) Patreon page and my new Ko-fi page (spoiler: I want to make wallpapers and merch, yay!).

So, yeah, I started the third book of Noosphere. I wanted to make a blog post after finishing the second one, but I'm still out of words. It was an important part of the story, we finally met Semeon, but, uh... I feel so sorry for him. It was kinda sad ending, but just you wait for the ending of Book 3, huh.

Anyway, since we already know the names of all three books, I made this pic, showing all three pairs of covers and title pages for all three books of Noosphere. Here they are:

Covers and title pages for Intersections, Passages, and Dead Ends

As you can see, covers are focused on the characters (even if we don't know who they are at the time), and title pages are mostly about the city. The city plays a big role in this story after all. I love how big and empty it looks (even though N-16 isn't that big of a town). You may have noticed that throughout the story I prefer to show N-16's streets as empty as possible, as cold and unwelcoming as possible. That's how I feel about most of modern cities in general, especially the places that I like the most: industrial districts, abandoned neighbourhoods, deserted construction sites, decommissioned railroads, concrete, barbed wire and rusty metal — I love this aestetic and want N-16 to look just like that. Hope it shows.

And I wish I could draw more of that. Sadly, backgrounds are still the real pain in the backside for me: they require a ton of work and a ton of layers, and I'm somewhat limited at that regard at the moment. As I mentioned on twitter and other social media, I currently work in Procreate on Ipad, and layer limit is literally killing me, as I can't go crazy with backgrounds — I instantly run out of layers if I want to make anything complex (and that was the only reason for delay with finishing pages 3.9.1–2). And, frankly, after otherwise amazing drawing experience in Procreate on Ipad I don't want to return to my Intuos and Photoshop, and because of that I can kiss my 50+ layer capacity goodbye.

So, what can I do? I decided that I should try to draw these amazing backgrounds on smaller scale, not on 2xA4 400dpi (which is the resolution for my comic pages), but, like, wallpaper size pictures. Still hi-res enough to look good on big screens, but not print-size hi-res. Which means more layers, which means more complex cityscapes, which means I'll practice backgrounds and be happy in the process, not angry about the necessity of merging everything all the time.


I mean, I don't know about you, but I certainly could use some fresh wallpaper on my devices. I just need time to draw it. And I can't say I have a lot of it, thanks for my day job with constant overtime. Donation services like Patreon and Ko-fi could help with that a little, so I want to try and use them and see what happens.

At the moment I have early access option on Patreon — my $5+ supporters receive fresh Noosphere pages as soon as they are done. Instead I want to give early access to all tiers (starting from $1!), and for $5+ patrons I'll make an exclusive wallpaper each month. All this will be possible once we reach the first patreon goal — $15 a month. Not much, huh? and we're halfway there already. Or maybe you'd like to leave early access where it is and add wallpapers for $1+? Let me know in the comments!

Another goal for Patreon is to be able to make physical rewards: I'd like to turn those future wallpapers into physical postcards at some point, let's try to reach $50 per month on Patreon and see how it goes. All the details about current tiers and rewards can be found on my Patreon page.

As for Ko-fi, it's an option for those who prefer one time donations, unlike patreon subscription. On Ko-fi there is the same goal of $15, but the wallpaper will be available for everyone! Do you want shiny new regular  wallpapers just for yourself and few others, or do you want to share one wallpaper with the whole world (whatever teeny tiny part of it even cares about Noosphere, huh), the choice is yours. And if you donate through Ko-fi, you can name the character from a movie / series / videogame, and I'll draw them in my Coffee Fanart series and post the picture there on Ko-fi, here in the Gallery, on my instagram and God knows where else. So, requests, anyone? :)

As always, I'm extremely grateful to everyone who supports my art. One day, I hope, I'll be able to give all my time to my comics and drawings, but at the moment your donations help me to pay for this website, my art supplies and occasionaly for coffee, and that's something! Thank you!

N-16's outskirts from Chapter 4, recoloured

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