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Noosphere is an urban fantasy webcomic about friendship, purpose and other supernatural things that follows the adventures of four friends in an industrial town N-16 controlled by mysterious Noosphere corporation.

Noosphere updates every Tuesday and is available in English and in Russian. Thank you for reading!


Latest page: 3.9.4

Published 12/03/19

Book 1 Cover

Read from the beginning

Published 04/11/16

The Longest Summer: Noosphere Summer Specials

Page 3.9.4 12/03/19

Latest page of Noosphere!

Book 3, chapter 9, page 4.

Covers and title pages, wallpapers, Patreon and Ko-fi 11/12/19

Title page for Book 3 was published last week, and now I can show all three pairs of covers and title pages for all three books of Noosphere. And I also have some news about my old (?) Patreon page and my new Ko-fi page (spoiler: I want to make wallpapers and merch, yay!).

Noosphere on Patreon: May Summary 06/04/19

May was my first month on patreon, and here I wrote a quick summary of the rewards — let's see what sort of content my amazing patrons received this month!

Three Years of Noosphere! 04/11/19

So it's been three years, and I want to know who is your favourite character of Noosphere so far?

The Longest Summer: Pets 09/26/18

New episode of The Longest Summer! Three pages with Yarr and Jule talking about pets and other stuff.

Happy Birthday, Noosphere! 04/11/18

Noosphere is two years old now! First pages went online on April 11, 2016; on April 11, 2017 I finished Book 1, and now we're starting a third year of our journey!

The Longest Summer: new episode! 03/30/18

The Longest Summer, Noosphere summer specials, are now available here on website, along with the brand new episode — Old Man.

Gallery 03/18/18

I added a gallery feature to the website. At the moment there are three galleries available: additional Noosphere art, print designs, and Coffee Fanarts.

About Page Previews 02/12/18

How I make page previews and which part of the page ends up being a preview.

Comic Page Creating Process 08/20/17

Wall of text where I describe in details the process of creating Noosphere pages (with pages 2.5.9 and 2.5.10 as an example).

Location 03/30/16

Welcome to N-16, small industrial town with mysterious past, ominous present and unknown future.

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