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First of all, thank you for reading Noosphere and going on this journey with me! I create Noosphere in my free time, and your support is helping it to stay afloat. There are several simple ways to help Noosphere:

— spread the word

Noosphere's readership is very precious to me, but also — very small. Tell your friends and random people on the Internet about Noosphere, every retweet and reblog counts!

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Your donations help to keep this website running and pay for my art supplies. You can donate some money through PayPal here or here (accepts Visa / MasterCard), and if you name a character from a videogame, movie, etc. in transaction comment I'll draw them in my Coffee Fanart series!

— say something in comments

I immensely enjoy reading your theories about Noosphere, and your nice comments give me the energy to continue drawing. Thank you for being amazing!

Thank you!

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