Drawing Noosphere on Twitch!

Published on 03/12/19

Watch me draw and color Noosphere pages live on Twitch! Every Tuesday at 20:00 MSK (5 pm GMT, check your local time here).

Hi there!

After some hesitation I decided to give Twitch a try: with my previous attempts to stream (on youtube) I noticed that streaming or recording a video while drawing helps me concentrate, be more focused and, ultimately, gets the job done (also, wrecks my hand, but, oh well).

So, from now on, every Tuesday at 20:00 MSK (5 pm GMT; 1 pm EDT; 10 pm PDT, etc., you can check your local time here) I'll be streaming on Twitch how I draw and/or color Noosphere pages or some other illustrations. I use Ipad Pro (2nd gen) and Procreate app, and you'll see on camera all that sweet gestures.

twitch.tv/annarde — join me today, March 12, and every Tuesday after (unless something unexpected like alien invasion happens, but in that case I'll notify beforehand).


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