The Longest Summer: new episode!

Published on 03/30/2018

The Longest Summer, Noosphere summer specials, are now available here on website, along with the brand new episode — Old Man.

The Longest Summer takes place between Book 1 and Book 2 of Noosphere and shows some funny episodes of that summer. The idea was to use a simpler style for it and experiment, since the main story requires consistency in visuals and it could be tiring. I had a ton of plans for TLS, but life happens, y'know. So after 3 episodes (Canal, Tie, and Night Off) I delved back into Noosphere's main story and never had the time to draw more of TLS.

Until now. We are approaching a certain point in main story that has something in common with one of my early scripts for TLS — Old Man. So I finally found the time, first, to add a functionality to this website to view TLS episodes, and second, to actually draw more of it. So, please enjoy the new, three page long episode Old Man, starring Jule with awkward jokes and Yarr with awkward everything:

The Longest Summer: Old Man

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