Published on 03/30/2016

Welcome to N-16, small industrial town with mysterious past, ominous present and unknown future.

Our story takes place in small town called N-16. Originally it was top-secret government complex for bio-tech research, so it was built, basically, in the middle of nowhere — a location without proper natural water supply, and therefore had (still has) very specific structure. Central part of N-16 is a system of circled and radial streets. It lays on top of artificial conical hill, and inside this hill there are water pumping, storaging and recycling facilities as well as N-16′s darkest secrets.

After N-16′s research complex had been decommissioned the town didn’t share the fate of many other places of it’s kind: instead of being abandoned and forgotten it became an almost-normal town opened for civilians as the remnants of N-16′s facilities gave birth to the Noosphere corporation. Nowadays Noosphere controls the most part of town: officially the corporation owns only scientific institutions but there are rumors one could connect almost anything in N-16 to Noosphere.

There are, in fact, all sorts of rumors about N-16′s old legacy and Noosphere. Some say N-16′s scientists were working on biological weapon projects, some whisper about experiments on humans and some claim that Noosphere continues this work. Fair share of N-16′s research labs was located underground — and who knows what happens there, in dark abandoned tunnels… if abandoned at all.

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