2.8.11 07.05.2019

Doors to the Abyss are Semeon's creations too.

Remember Siegfried's words "He is the Abyss"?

Some fresh news. First of all, I finally created a patreon page. Currently you can find there comic pages in higher resolution (for example, this one is here) and gain early access to new pages as soon as they're finished. (Like page 2.8.12 here).

Secondly, there will be no livestream today, unfortunately, but I'm planning to have one with mic (finally!) on May, 14. You can always check the livestream schedule here.

The Hunter

My next webcomic The Hunter: urban fantasy action thriller with monsters and miracles.

Read about it here, and if you don't want to miss it follow me on twitter (EN) or telegram (RU).

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