Interlude 10

Interlude 10 07.04.2020


Don't mind me, I'll just sit here, looking at this interlude and screaming: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH FINALLY!!!"

Meanwhile there will be Noosphere's fourth birthday this Saturday, April 11. Don't forget to check this website then: I will post a new episode of The Longest Summer — about Inga and Nika, and their students' party shenanigans, featuring bare-chest Yarr and Quinine in formal attire. With it's five pages in glorious black&white this is the longest episode of The Longest Summer so far (see what I did there?). And my patreon supporters can read it right now.

As for what I said in the last update, I'm still not sure if Chapter 10 will start on schedule, keep an eye on my twitter or instagram for updates.

The Hunter

My next webcomic The Hunter: urban fantasy action thriller with monsters and miracles.

Read about it here, and if you don't want to miss it follow me on twitter (EN) or telegram (RU).

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