3.9.20 31.03.2020


On this disturbing note Chapter 9 ends. Next stop is Interlude 10, and oh boi is it wild. My patreon supporters can see it right now right there.

Hope you all doing well in these difficult times, or as well as you can, at least. Ironically, this whole self-isolation/lockdown/quarantine thing for me personally led to a total lack of solitude, and being as introverted as it humanly possible the lack of time alone really cripples my creative abilities (and mental health in general, I guess), and as a result I can barely draw and I absolutely can't write. Which is a bummer: I need to finalize chapter 10 script to start drawing it and I just can't. And since Noosphere is so important to me, I'd rather not write it at all than write it poorly. We'll see how it goes but I might not update the comic as frequently as I'd like to.

Anyway, thank you for reading my comic, stay safe, wash your hands, see you next Tuesday. :)

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