3.10.14 11.04.2021

N-16 looked so much better through the mosaic glass.

Today is Noosphere's fifth birthday. Never would have guessed it will take this long (tho, frankly, neither 60 hours a week job nor global pandemic were in my initial plans). Still about two chapters to go, we'll see how long it takes. This page alone was in the works for five months (most of which I have zero time or energy to draw). Was searching for the right angle, changing the whole composition several times, still not sure if it's any good, but, well, it is what it is. Does it sound like a burnout? Maybe. But I have free time now, finally, and spring is coming, and there is some sun outside, so I'm kinda feeling optimistic.

Next page will be on Tuesday, most probably on April 20, doubt I'll be able to pull it for this Tuesday, but we'll see.

Thank you for reading my comic! :)

The Hunter

My next webcomic The Hunter: urban fantasy action thriller with monsters and miracles.

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