The Longest Summer: 07/08/2012 (7/8)

The Longest Summer: 07/08/2012 (7/8) 13.05.2022

Bye, everyone!

Bye, Quinine! Quinine dies in chapter 11, page 3.11.26.

Bye, Yar! Yar dies right after chapter 12, page 13.1.

Bye, Kostya! Kostya lives, he's somewhere far away from N-16 hiding from Noosphere.

Bye, Jule! Jule lives, she became a telepath and the Pathfinder.

This is the last episode of The Longest Summer where we say our goodbyes to the characters of Noosphere. Just a regular summer day, meeting friends, walking the streets on N-16, having fun at the arcade. But then something unique happens...

Last page on Friday, May 13!

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