Chapter II. Obtentus (part 2)

Chapter II. Obtentus (part 2) 02/20/2023

And now we know his name. Hi, Yrius! (reads like "eerie")

As I mentioned previously, first two episodes were longer, just to get the ball rolling, and now we'll be at more reasonable (as in: more sustainable for me as an artist) pace of 4-6 pages at a time.

Next episode on February 28, 'cause, you know, February.

And if you don't mind slight spoilers, come hang out with me on my drawing livestream this Tuesday (and every Tuesday), I'll be coloring some future pages. Stream starts at 6pm UTC (check your local time here).

Also! I added RSS feed for you old-timers who know what it is and still use it.

The Hunter: neo noir urban fantasy action thriller with monsters and miracles

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Next episode: Chapter II bonus info pages release on March 30!

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