Chapter IV. Ingressus (part 6)

Chapter IV. Ingressus (part 6) 10.09.2023

Dropped something.

A bit of trivia for those interested: Yrius here didn't know if collapsing the bridge would work in his favor. The shadow proved to be fast in their reactions, dodging shots and blocking attacks, but not all that mobile in their positioning. Still, it was a gamble whether they could shift from under the bridge or not — they almost did. Moreso, Yrius couldn't know where exactly the bridge would land. His chances are better than the shadow's, yet no normal shield can withhold this much weight, and if the bridge goes even a bit closer to Yrius, he's toast too. And he can't move away before cutting the last bridge support, as it will alert the shadow of his plan. Yet he risks it anyway.

The Hunter: neo noir urban fantasy action thriller with monsters and miracles

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