Chapter II. Obtentus (part 1)
Early morning. Overall sepia tones are contrasted by a bright peach sky, lit up by yellow sunrise and several pillars of light. We see the temple, first from afar, as if coming from one of the city streets, through an industrial block with pipes and wires, and across the canal from us there are trees, rows of lamp posts, and three pyramidal structures: two on the sides, each with a singular beacon on top of them, and central, more complex in shape, with two towers on it, each holding a beacon of their own. Weirdly shaped skyscrapers on the horizon are barely seen through a greenish mist. Next shot we move closer to the temple and see the square around it, with rows of trees, streetlights, benches, and lots of people walking despite the early hour. The temple is in the center of the page, a complex yet strictly geometrical, massive structure with a mirror facade, glowing with the reflected light of the rising sun and beacons. The next shot shows a fragment of the temple's facade: mirror wall with a triangular pattern, some of the triangles are windows, and in central one of them there are two figures – one in black and white robes, standing stoically, the other is a silhouette of large man gesturing actively, clearly arguing. Title page: hand of a stoic figure resting on a desk, both hands of a man in gray-green uniform, The Hunter's logo and chapter's name: "II. Obtentus". We see the man now: bald, with mighty eyebrows and sideburns, built like a strongman, his gray tunic with beige and green decorations and lots of metal rivets looks like some sort of military dress uniform. He's agitated and in the middle of a speech: "You need to put your hunters on a leash already! They can't just run around the city guns blazing! Why are they allowed to use guns at all?" His interlocutor is seen from the back for now, the female figure in a black robe with white lining, her gray braid is pinned by big triangular crystal. "You know why," – she answers. "Enlighten me." Camera turns, and we see the woman now: an older lady with tanned skin, green eyes, and lots of jewelry, all of it—same shape triangular crystals glowing white, different in sizes: bigger one of her high collar, another on the end of her braid (so two on the braid in total), long chain earrings, both with a small crystal at the end, another small crystal on the ring on her right hand and another—as a piercing under her lower lip. She stands with her back to a huge triangular window, lit from behind, and says: "Guns allow to eliminate a shadow when they revert to human form, as using Light against a human would turn Lightbearer themself into a shadow." "Or so your church claims," – frowns the man. – "But that wasn't my point." He leans towards her, with both hands on the desk that has a large triangular crystal in the center of it, lit up with a pillar of Light like a beacon. "Why kill at all if they've already transformed back into a human? Call the police and let us deal with them." It's safe to assume now that he is a police representative and she is a priestess. "Clearly, you've never seen a shadow in action," – the priestess turns away, annoyed. "Combat experience doesn't give hunters the right to execute whoever they want!" – argues the policeman. "What are you getting at?" "Every operation like this should be coordinated with us beforehand. This is our agreement with the church, and it should always be respected!" The priestess turns back to him and says with no expression on her face: "Indeed, and we do apologize for this incident. This wasn't a sanctioned operation, but an initiative from one of our hunters." "What?!" – the policeman is appalled. – "Is it now normal for your guys to just go solo against multiple suspects? Without any heads up to anyone?" "Not really," – the priestess looks away, as if instantly tired. – "The hunter responsible for this will be reprimanded, I assure you." "Still," – she continues, – "you can't deny the favor he did for the district. Three shadows could have wrought havoc on your streets." The policeman grimaces: "Assuming all three of them were shadows, and your hunter didn't just shoot a random bystander." The priestess's expression is now stone cold, we see slight glow under her palm resting on the desk, and the desk crystal lights up brighter. "You have labs to determine that. And unless you did, I think we're done here," – she says gesturing toward the door. – "Good day." The policeman looks at her silently frowning, and turns to the door–right as it opens, showing a dark silhouette against a brightly lit corridor. A familiar silhouette. "Is this the hunter in question?" – asks the policeman, and we know he guessed correctly. The hunter steps in, and we see his face—the same face we've seen in the first chapter's fight, now with claw marks on the right side and a band-aid over his right eyebrow, same unruly dark hair, same uniform and white lace collar, same earrings. He grins sarcastically: "You're welcome."

Chapter II. Obtentus (part 1) 10.02.2023

Part 1 of second chapter, that explains some of the events of the first one.

Now that we're done with intro and exposition, regular episodes will be shorter. If you want to know how I draw them, check out my last livestream where I explain some of the process (with a bit of spoilers for upcoming pages). I try to stream every Tuesday at 6pm UTC (check your local time), digital and traditional, next one probably will be watercolors but we'll see.

Next episode on February 20, see you then!

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